Package: 500 cards with frames and two sets of paints

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500 Cards with matching frames and two sets of paints.

5”X7” Cards with matching frames.

Cards are 5” X 7” and frames are 8 3/16” X 6 7/16 “. Frames have an opening in the center that is slightly smaller than the card to display it. A decorative silver border on the frame highlights the card. Frames have a pop-out cut-out stand to display the painting in either landscape or horizontal.

Filled paint in 8 oz bottles.

This set comes in eight beautiful colors.

  • 2 White or black
  • 2 Green 
  • 2 Orange
  • 2 Red 
  • 2 Purple
  • 2 Yellow
  • 2 Pink 
  • 2 Blue

Shades of paint may vary due to dye lots.

Each set (2 sets in this package) is enough paint to decorate well over 500 cards.

Paint is water based Latex*

Bottles come with a travel cap and a squirt tip with red cap.

The squirt hole in each bottle is .03”. Perfect for squirting a steady stream without hosing down the project.

Bottles fit nicely in the molded paint bottle receptacle  (holder) in our machines.

*Allergy alert: contains Latex