Flying Disc Bracket (Flying Disc Holder)

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Convert your standard machine to painting our full size flying discs by simply removing the existing bracket and installing new bracket. 

To do this…use a 5/32 hex key (not provided) to remove existing bracket off of motor shaft. Insert the hex key into the socket head under the bracket near the shaft. Gently turn the hex key counterclockwise just enough to loosen the socket screw. Do not remove screw from the bracket, just loosen it. Lift current bracket straight up and off of the shaft. Now to install new bracket find the flat side of the motor shaft (this is where you will aim the screw when you tighten the hex key). Now that you have set the bracket on the motor shaft make sure that bracket is mounted near the top of the shaft. The shaft should not protrude above the bracket. Gently tighten the hex key in a clockwise direction making sure NOT to over tighten. You are now ready to use your newly installed bracket.

The flying disc brackets that we sell on our website are designed to fit the flying discs that we sell on our website exclusively and will not fit other brands.