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Artist in the making!!!Fun for all ages!Fun at the Fair!!!

Please be sure and indicate in our online store any deadlines that you may have when you place your order.. 

Below are a few Q and A's. You can also email us at sales@spinartusa.com anytime if you have any other questions.



Paint Questions:


 Q: How many pieces will a set of 8 paints decorate?
     A: We estimate about 200-250 pieces, depending on how much paint is dispensed per piece. A generous circle of each color of paint is all that is needed. Paint falls in layers, it does not blend.


Q: What kind of paint should I use?
     A: We use latex based paint because it works well for all the items we sell. If you are painting on just cards, you can use virtually any kind of paint.


Q: Can I refill the paint bottles?
     A: Yes. We will be glad to provide you with the matching color formulas for the paint that we sell. You can find the formulas tab posted on the STOREFRONT page, the FAQ page and the PAINTS page.


Q: How many pieces can be decorated per hour?
     A: We estimate approximately 25 pieces per hour, per motor. So if you are using a single machine, you can comfortably decorate 25 pieces without rushing the customer. If you are using a double machine, plan for 50 pieces per hour.


 Liner Questions:


Q: I have an older machine that uses cardboard liners. How often do I need to change the cardboard liner on my machine?

      A: This varies with the amount of paint that builds up. You can do several events without changing the liner. On the other hand, you may want to start each event with a fresh changed liner. Both are acceptable. We do offer a new hard plastic permanent liner. This is the same liner that is sent out in our 2010 and newer machines.


Q: I have a machine that has a re-usable plastic liner. How do I clean the machine?

      A: There are three ways. #1-Just wipe it out using paper towels while the paint is still wet, #2- wash with soap and warm water after your event or #3 let the paint completely dry and peel it off the liner (perferred method). 


General Questions:


Q: What is the warranty on machines?
     A. We offer a one year warranty on machine, motor only. Occasionally, minor repairs come up such as switches or bracket adjustment. Just send your machine back and we will be glad to preform any minor repair on your machine free of charge at any time, even beyond the one year warranty. The warranty is void if you use product in your machine other than product purchased from us here at Spin Art USA.

Q: Will my machine come with a re-useable hard plastic liner?

      A. Yes, all machines sent out this year will have our new permanent  re-useable liner.


 Q: Can I include special instructions with my order?
     A: Yes. There is a deadline text box in the shopping cart. Please input any special instructions in that field. We read all text comments.


Q: Can I use the puzzles on my standard 5x7 bracket?

       A: We have a 5x7 bracket made especially for using the cards or puzzles. We only recommend that you use the appropriate bracket for the puzzles. All machines sent out in June 2013 and later will have the card/puzzle bracket on machines that require a card bracket.Puzzles are to be used only in our machines. 


Q: Are the funds taken immediately out of my banking account?
     A: No, we hand process all orders, and charge your account at the time of shipping. Orders with custom items may be processed immediately and custom orders may not be refundable.


Q: Why do you need my email address?
     A: We need your email address to send you your order confirmation, as well as your PAID IN FULL invoice at the time of shipping. Within the invoice, we will also include the tracking numbers, if available, for your items. Issues involving late or misdirected shipments must be brought to our attention within 2 weeks after ship date. Ship date is provided on invoice along with tracking numbers. We NEVER share your email address with anyone.


 Q: How long until I receive my order after shipping?       

A: Most of our products are kept in stock ready to ship. The machines, however, are made to order and require an additional day or two per machine for assembly. Also, during busier times of the season, we may need up to three days to process the order prior to shipping. Please indicate any deadlines you have in the online store.

 All orders are shipped using ground shipping. For your convenience we have included a FED EX Ground Map. Click here for map.  
If you need express shipping, please contact us prior to ordering to check availability. sales@spinartusa.com 


 Q: How do I find my tracking numbers?
      A: The tracking numbers are listed on your invoice under the line items whenever available.
Additionally, you must fill in the SHIPPING address completely and accurately. Any fees incurred to us for address corrections are considered shipping fees and will be passed on to you in a separate invoice.


Return/Cancellation: Purchasing from our company constitutes an agreement that you have read and understand and agree to our return policy.


Q: Do you have a return policy?

      A: We are happy to provide an EXCHANGE/REPAIR on any defective items. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us for an RMA#, and we will give you exchange instructions.

Return Policy.  

Change your mind or no longer need the item? Please contact us for a RMA#. Returned items must be new, and un-used. Restocking fee will be 20%..
Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
Returns without a RMA# will incur a 25% restocking fee.
Claims must be made within 15 days from receipt.

Shipping cost are the responsibility of the customer.
Please make sure you include insurance when you return items that are valued at over $100..
Please allow up to 10 business days for credits to be processed.

No returns accepted on discounted or sale items.
Refunds for purchases that were made with Credit/Debit cards:
A handling fee of not less than the Fixed Fee portion as well as the Merchant Fee percentage of the transaction will be deducted from your refund amount.


Order cancellation can only be made before order is processed. 
Once processing occurs, the return policy is in effect.

Electrical motors are non-refundable.